About Us

Deposit Protection Fund

The Deposit Protection Fund is an institution specialized for deposit insurance and established in line with the Deposit Protection Law.
The Fund is governed by the five-member Managing Board appointed by the Central Bank of Montenegro whereby one member is nominated by the Ministry in charge of financial affairs and one member is nominated by the Association of Montenegrin Banks and Financial Institutions. The Chairman of the Managing Board is designated in the decision on the appointment of the Managing Board members.

The Managing Board is authorized, inter alia, to decide on the conditions, manner and procedure of the guaranteed deposits payout, as well as to establish the Fund's investment policy that will ensure the Fund's soundness and liquidity.

The Fund is managed by the Director . Powers and responsibilities of the Directora are defined in the Deposit Protection Law and the Fund's By-law.

The Deposit Protection Fund's registered office is in Podgorica, Miljana Vukova bb Street.


The Deposit Protection Fund's mission is to ensure the safety of deposits (monetary assets) of private citizens and legal persons held in banks and to provide for an efficient and expedient payout of guaranteed deposits in case of bankruptcy initiated in any bank in Montenegro.


A stable financial system based on the confidence of citizens, legal persons and entrepreneurs that their deposits in banks are insured even in case of a bank failure.

Advance and diversified banking services provided to citizens and businesses as a result of mutual confidence, increased household savings and the banking system's resilience to difficulties in one or more banks.